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  • Alican Kiraz

    Alican Kiraz

    SOC Team Lead | Purple Team Member

  • Cyborg Security

    Cyborg Security

    Cyborg Security is a pioneer in cybernetic threat hunting, delivering an advanced, actionable threat hunting platform.

  • SOCFortress


    SOCFortress is a SaaS company that unifies Observability, Security Monitoring, Threat Intelligence and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).

  • 奧義智慧 CyCraft AI @ 台灣

    奧義智慧 CyCraft AI @ 台灣

    世界領先 AI 資安公司,以創新 AI 技術自動化資安防護,內建 EDR、CTI、NGAV、NDR 整合建構新一代 AI 資安戰情中心,獲逾五十個政府機關、國防、警政單位,三成金融機構,以及數十家關鍵領域龍頭企業信賴與採用,市占率國內第一。2020 年美國 MITRE ATT&CK® 評測最佳偵測能力。

  • George Fekkas

    George Fekkas

    Cyber Security Researcher and Enthusiast, All Around Player.

  • Alex Teixeira

    Alex Teixeira

    Blueteamer. Threat Detection Engineering & Security Analytics.

  • Jonathan Johnson

    Jonathan Johnson

    Sr. Threat Researcher @ RedCanary

  • Gorilla Rage

    Gorilla Rage

    #MalwareAnalysis #ReverseEngineering #Gorilla

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