[Mal Series #3]Monero Coinminer

The malicious sample in this story is a TeamViewer installer file which embedded with javascript and vbs. The sample has multiple stager to unload its real payload. Let’s begin the analysis!

Infection activity in brief

Drop & execute .vbs and .js file -> Powershell, the 1st stager connect to pastebin site that host the 2nd payload (dotnet file) -> The 2nd payload then create a process that execute the 3rd payload -> 3rd payload then create a process (notepad.exe) and inject the miner’s code in it and execute.

1st stager — powershell
2nd stager — dotnet exe
3rd stager — c++ Windows exe

Below are the commands that triggers the malicious activities:

C:\Windows\System32\WScript.exe C:\Users\Slayer\AppData\Local\Temp\dllm.vbs — download the 1st powershell stager

C:\Windows\System32\WScript.exe C:\Users\Slayer\AppData\Local\Temp\setup.js —create a schedule task to keep it persistant

C:\Users\Slayer\AppData\Local\Temp\setup.exe — run the original installer

Execute command

It uses Powershell as 1st stager to download 2nd stager.

Powershell as 1st payload

2nd payload stager

file_2020–03–02_074138.jpg — A Powershell code with another .exe file inside of it. Convert these into hex editor and you will get the 3rd payload.

First few line of code
Last line of code

Extract payload from dotnet file

These are the bytes of 3rd payload, as you can see these payload printed as decimal. Let’s try to convert first few decimals to Hex and see what we got. After the convertion, the “MZ” magic header is found. This indicates that the dotnet file will execute another PE files that need to be investigate further. Another stager again 😑. Before that, we need to extract the payload from it. In this case, using hex editor and search for similar MZ magic header bytes in the hex dump. Then, crop out 1565696 bytes that starts from M to insert into a new file. Save it afterwards. ✌3rd stager Obtained ✌

Extract the payload in the dotnet hex byte

Next, it’s time for debugging!!!


Get Machine Guid

Get Machine GUID via regkey /SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/CRYPTOGRAPHY as username

Window API involved:

Create Config File

It create a config file by appending multiple parameters in json format and then encode it with base64 algo.

Window API involved:

Evasive Technique

Get current process list -> Loop thru process -> find taskmgr.exe -> If yes, process sleep / If no, create process notepad.exe

Common Evasive Technique by Coinminer Malware

Create new process (inject the payload into it)

After it passed the evasive check, a new process will be spawn in suspended state. What does the -c means? 🤔

notepad.exe -c <full filepayh of config>

Looks like there is a trampoline there that will insert the payload into the notepad.exe and execute it. Carve out the payload from the memory and fix the PE header for further analysis.

The true miner finally found !

Below are the parameter of the miner extracted from notepad.exe:

Based on the parameter, it is believed that the miner is XMRig (Open soruce miner) and usage of -c parameter was found!

IOC lists

Dropped Files
From the Installer

%TEMP%setup.exe (The real setup)
From last payload
<First 10 char of Mutex>_3.0.0

Create Schedule Task (Persistant Technique)
C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /create /sc minute /mo 30 /tn anydesk /tr “C:\Users\Slayer\AppData\Local\Temp\setup.js

Create startup item in registry (Persistant Technique)
C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe Set-Item -Path HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run -Value C:\Users\Slayer\AppData\Local\Temp\dllm.vbs


pool[.]minexmr[.]com:4444 (from nicehash pool)

Pastebin site w/ config settings

Seems like a config settings for server

PasteBin site w/ 2nd payload

Config file used by the notepad.exe

Miner’s config

XMR wallet address







Typical memes addict🐒 GitHub: https://github.com/ghoulgy 🍕Support my work: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/GhoulSec

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Typical memes addict🐒 GitHub: https://github.com/ghoulgy 🍕Support my work: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/GhoulSec

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